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Prototype Games ⏳

Let us know which games you want to see next, hype what you love, share your ideas, and we’ll make it happen.


Europa Colony (TBA)

Europa Colony is a settlement builder and surviving game set on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

  • PC – Steam


Buy,Throw,Repeat? (TBA)

Train your brain, challenge your friends with addictive arcade games!

  • PC – Steam

Published Games ✅

Zombies Must Die (2020 collaboration with @MichTheGameDev)

Zombies Must Die is a fun and addictive top-down arcade shooter. It’s like Ikary Warriors but it’s better !

Cars 2048 Reloaded (2020)

It’s a fun and easy to play game. Swipe to move the cars parts and assemble them to create new cars. There are multiple levels and cars. Unlock them all.

Available on

Discontinued Games 📦

Bikes 2048 (2017)

  • Android