avatar_bord.pngHI, I’M DAMIEN FREMONT.

Freelance Software Developer, 8 years XP, Full Stack, Paris

I’m a software developer and trainer. Most of my work today is focused on Tech Lead, Continuous Integration, Agile MethodsTestability, REST Web Services and JavaEE/Spring Architecture.

I share theses professional experiences on my blog, and search new trends at DevoxxFr and ParisJUG.

I also enjoy running marathons.

My Projects

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Contact Me

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Every time I resolve a problem at work, I share it with new tutorials. Here are the most viewed.

+40.000 How to expand/collapse table rows with Bootstrap

+30.000 How to Cucumber : Test Report Plugin 2 with Maven and Java

+9.000 Tests BDD avec Cucumber Java

+6.000 JavaEE AngularJS Bootstrap: How to Pagination with Smart-Table

+5.000 Responsive Button with Bootstrap : Toggable Text

+2.500 Webjars: Manage your Web Dependencies with Maven

+2.000 JavaEE AngularJS Bootstrap: DataTable and Excel Export

+1.700 How to Cucumber Java : ReUse Same Scenario for Core, Serv and UI

+1.500 JavaEE AngularJS Bootstrap: File Upload

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