Git – Commit Message Conventions

git-logoA quicktip about writing good commit messages. It’s inspired by major open sources projects, like AngularJS.



Commit Message Conventions

<type>(<scope>): <subject> (#<task_id>)
  • title (less than 50 chars)
    • type: ‘feat’, ‘doc’, ‘fix’, ‘refactor’, ‘build’
    • scope: your project task’s scope (one word)
    • subject: the work done
    • id: your task or issue or ticket unique ID
  • body (optionnal)
    • details for big tasks



feat(menu): color, font (#102)
doc(menu): get started (#103)
fix(menu): color change bug (#399)
feat(account): font (#104)
doc(account): get started (#104)
refactor: common font for menu, account (#652)
fix: remove deprecated fonts (#901)
  * Arial.ttf
  * Comic.ttf





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