What if developers were soldiers…

logo smileyThis one is inspired by a comment from CommitStrip blog page on cars. Please do not take seriously !


A Coder is a Soldier.

(movie : Lone Survivor)

Compute Engineer

A Compute Engineer is an Officer.

(movie: The General’s Daughter)

Lead Developper

A Lead Developper is a Sergeant.

(movie: Full Metal Jacket)


A DevOps is a PeaceKeeper.

Data Engineer

A Data Engineer is an ArtilleryMan.

Full-Stack Developper

A Full-Stack Developper is Special Forces. ScreenShot001

(movie: Special Forces)

Analyst Programmer

An Analyst Programmer is a Sniper.

(movie: American Sniper)


A SysAdmin is a Medic.

(movie : Fort Bliss)

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is a member of Intelligence Agency.

(movie: The Imitation Game)

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