New batch implementation

batchYou’re tired of spring batch? the future JavaEE batch API  leaves you cold?
I’m trying to make a basic implementation of batch, not dependent on any framework and compatible with SpringBatch extensions (if needed) and with the same service quality (batch structure, extensions like jdbc, jpa, file, message, etc).

It’s called SimpleBatch and it’s very cool indeed. With future fluent API.

if you have any need, or advice, please visit my GitHub project or post a comment here.

One thought on “New batch implementation

  1. Hi Damien,

    Good work! SimpleBatch seems to be on the road of being the simplest implementation of JSR352 on the web. Like SimpleBatch , I have implemented Easy Batch ( which focus on simplicity and efficiency compared to Spring Batch and the JSR352 in general.

    Since we have tried to provide different solutions to the same problem, I thought it would be interesting to share my experience with you. Do not hesitate to contact me by mail!

    Best regards,

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